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Following productivity gains in the 2000s and 2010s from techniques such as lean manufacturing, just-in-time manufacturing made popular by automaker, financial markets and logistics, industrial companies have experienced a steady decline in efficiency. Today annual productivity gains average an abysmal .5%. With few places left to turn for continued operational improvements, industrial organizations had to look for new ways to improve production, performance, and profit.

Enter digital industrial
transformation with

By using PG-31 innovative technologies, companies are beginning to drive new levels of performance and productivity. And while cloud computing is a major enabler of industrial transformation, edge computing is rapidly becoming a key part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) equation to accelerate digital transformation beyond what we know.

What we do


logistics end / end

PG-31 is a leading provider of commercial and business logistics coronation and components as well as end to end logistical services. PG-31 has a impeccable service network to support these offerings and customers support that all working together to unlock new opportunities to grow and deliver more productivity beyond traditional services.

concierge advancing / people

PG-31 is focused on serving customers and markets aligned within consumer supporting services and industrial businesses. From emerging markets to developed economies, our focused team of advisory experts connect people to infrastructure; deliver innovations that achieve financial solutions while helping make life a lot better.

clothes personal / homey

PG-31 want to create the perfect mood and setting in every room in your home, but we aren’t just looking to customize your things but rather your life. From warm and cozy to cool and invigorating to enhanced clarity, our series of high defining products provide the ideal support from the right person in your life to the prefect place to put things.

mass-media radio / telvision

PG-31 creates the technologies of the future and improves the lives of those that depend on it everyday. We create a third of all supporting technologies owned, equipping over 73% of our clients transmission worldwide. And 40% of our clients data technologies utilize a 100% of our software.

What we can offer you


advertisement &


We specialize in creating ideal solutions for every idea in your head. For every thought, there’s a process that’s just right for bring it to life.

media &


We deliver pristine underwriting and structuring capabilities for verbal, visual, and educational infrastructure that meet rising demand and sustainability imperatives.

planning &


We’ll keep you inform and on the right track as the world transitions from a electricity system to one that embraces distributed, digitally-enhanced, and low-carbon technologies.

technologies &


We provide lifecycle technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics and decision support tools that help professionals diagnose, treat and monitor their business.

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